University of Economics, Prague

Czech Republic

Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze - University of Economics, Prague (UEP) is the sixth largest Czech university, founded in 1953. It consists of six faculties. The Department of Information and Knowledge Engineering (DIKE) is organisational part of the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics, and was founded in 1990.

DIKE has eight full-time members, several part-time members, and about 15 PhD students. It is recognised for its research in knowledge discovery in databases, text/web mining and knowledge engineering. It is/was involved in numerous international and national projects related to semantic web, such as K-Space, Knowledge Web, Ontoweb, KP-Lab, MedIEQ or Rainbow. Its members are active in W3C working groups as well as in the PCs of numerous international conferences; DIKE hosted, among other, the EKAW’06 conference. More information is at

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