Semantic Web Company


Semantic Web Company (SWC) is a technology provider headquartered in Vienna (Austria). SWC supports organizations from all industrial sectors worldwide to improve their information management. On the market since 2009, PoolParty Semantic Suite enables international organisations and global 500 companies to enter the semantic age of information management with scalable, easy to manage, corporate knowledge models like thesauri or ontologies. PoolParty APIs allow integration of semantic technologies with other systems like Confluence, Drupal or SharePoint.

PoolParty Enterprise Server and PoolParty Semantic Integrator are being integrated with acknowledge RDF graph databases like Virtuoso or OWLIM to provide a scalable and efficient database back-end, especially for large enterprise customers.


The Open University

University of Innsbruck

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)


Won Kwang University


University of Aberdeen


Universidad Politecnica