STI Summit Paper published

In December, the Post Summit Paper by Christian Bizer, Peter Boncz, Michael Brodie and Orri Erling has been published in the newest volume of SIGMOD Record.

The report results from discussions held at 2011 STI International Semantic Summit within a group of twenty-five researchers, on the meaningful use of Big Data. The four authors each put forward a challenge: multi-disciplinary Big Data integration, the Billion Triple Challenge from the Semantic Web community, getting value out of government linked open data, and integrating linked data in regular DBMSs.

  • The Meaningful Use of Big Data: Four Perspectives – Four Challenges, Christian Bizer, Peter Boncz, Michael L. Brodie, Orri Erling, published in SIGMOD Record Web Edition, Volume 40, Number 4, December 2011.


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