#ESWC2011 week of events starts soon - don't miss the SME Proposal event

The EU's research for the benefit of SMEs call for project proposals takes place annually and in 2010 offered a budget of €189.000.000 for new researcher-SME collaborations around innovative, commercially marketable research and development.

The call foresees projects in which small groups of innovative SMEs subcontract work to research and development performers in order to solve technological problems and acquire technology know-how. As a result, SME participants should be enabled to develop new or improved products, systems, processes or services.

The research for the benefit of SMEs proposal workshop takes place during ESWC 2011, on May 30 2011. It will bring together SMEs innovating in the use of semantic technology in their products or services (or at least intended use) with those researchers who are at the cutting edge of new research results and developments in the semantic technology domain. The workshops goal will be to generate initial ideas and establish core consortia for project proposals to this call in 2011. For more information and to register please check http://smeproposal.sti2.org



The Open University

Won Kwang University

University of Aberdeen

University of Innsbruck


Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)


Universidad Politecnica