Fraunhofer IAIS

Sankt Augustin

Fraunhofer IAIS focusses on research and development on innovative systems for data analysis and information extraction, in software and in hardware. From sensor data to business intelligence, from media analysis to visual information systems: Our research allows companies to do more with data.

Our business areas are being brought into line with the needs of our customers, contractors and development partners. We define our business areas both by industries (e.g. media industry, mineral oil industry, market research, etc.) and by their function (automotive, geodata, statistics, process optimization, etc.). As customer requirements are subject to various market dynamics, we continuously observe our business areas and realign them for the future, if necessary.

The research and development activities performed by Fraunhofer IAIS are defined by the following new business areas:

  • M³ – Marketing, Market Research & Media Planning
  • Business Planning and Controlling
  • Digital Media Asset Management
  •  Process Intelligente
  • Preventive Security
  • Spaces for High-Tech Experience

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