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Summer Schools

Semantic Computing is a rapidly evolving research field that integrates representation, methods, and techniques from areas as diverse as multimedia, computational linguistics, semantic web, knowledge engineering and software engineering- with the goal of creating novel technologies and applications that connect intuitively formulated user intentions with the content and meaning of machine-represented data.


Future Summer Schools

Summer schools are continued in cooperation with the International Semantic Web Research School (ISWS).

Past Summer Schools

Title Date Citysort descending Country RDF
Summer School on Semantic Computing 2010 Jul 25 2010 to Jul 31 2010 Berkeley, California USA View
Summer School on Semantic Computing 2011 Aug 8 2011 to Aug 11 2011 Berkeley, California USA View
ESWC Summer School 2012 May 21 2012 to May 26 2012 Crete Greece View
ESWC Summer School 2014 Sep 1 2014 to Sep 6 2014 Crete, Kalamaki Greece View
The 6th ESWC Summer School 2016 Sep 5 2016 to Sep 10 2016 Dubrovnik Croatia View
STI Summer School 2013 Sep 2 2013 to Sep 7 2013 Kalamaki Greece View
ESWC Summer School 2015 Aug 31 2015 to Sep 5 2015 Kalamaki Greece View
ESWC Summer School 2011 May 22 2011 to May 28 2011 Kalamaki, Crete Greece View


The Open University

Universidad Politecnica

University of Aberdeen

University of Innsbruck

Won Kwang University




Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)