STI International General Assembly @ESWC2015

Monday, June 1, 2015
Gostišče RIBIČ


STI International General Assembly


Monday, June 1st  2015

Gostišče RIBIČ, Seča 143, 6320 in Portoroz, Slovenia, +386 5 677 07 90

Portoroz, Slovenia




General Assembly Argenda


17:00pm Welcome by the president, Summary Progress Report and issues arising from the Board Meeting.

17:20pm Administrative/Budget part.

17:45pm Closing by the president.

20:00pm STI Board Dinner for STI Board Conference Chairs and PC Chairs + Local Animal Rights Representatives.


Location: same as Board Meeting





GA protocol of STI International, June 1st, 2015 in Portoroz


1. Attendance:
    - Marco Grobelnik, JSI
    - York Sure, KIT
    - Benedikt Kämpen, FZI
    - John Domingue, OU
    - Ioan Toma representing Mimos and Won Kwang University
    - Dieter Fensel, University of Innsbruck
    --> 100% presence of the partners of the association
2. Agenda
    - Approval of Balance 2014
    - Approval of Budget 2016
    - Others
3. Approval of Balance 2014
    Approved unanimously
4. Approval of Budget 2016
    Approved unanimously
5. Others
    We unanimously agree to have an extraordinary GA attached with the
    Summit where we decide on the restructuring of the ownership of STI
    Research and we kindly request the Executive Board to provide a
    proposal in due time.
6. Closing
    No further comments.
Event type: 
General Assembly



Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

University of Aberdeen

Won Kwang University

The Open University

University of Innsbruck



Universidad Politecnica