STI International Board Meeting @ESWC2015

Monday, June 1, 2015
Gostišče RIBIČ


STI International Board Meeting


Monday, June 1st  2015

Gostišče RIBIČ, Seča 143, 6320 in Portoroz, Slovenia, +386 5 677 07 90

Portoroz, Slovenia



The meeting will include a buffer lunch and STI Members are welcome to observe.


Board Agenda


10:30am Welcome (15 mins) (including agreement on the agenda; actions from last meeting) [John]

10:45am Events (2 hours) including ESWC (current conference, 2016, 2017) [Ioan], Summit 2015 [John], EDF [Dieter], Summer School [Elena].

12:45pm Lunch (30 mins)

13:15pm Organization (45 mins) (including admins and finances [Ioan])

14:30pm Coffee Break (15 mins)

14:45pm STI Membership status and possible growth (30 mins) ([John])

15:15pm Preparation for the GA (30 mins)

15:45pm Closing (15 mins) [John]

16:00pm Close



Meeting Notes of the STI Board Meeting, June 1st, 2015 in Portoroz
1) Attendance:
       Benedikt Kämpen, FZI
       Rudi Studer, KIT
       York Sure, KIT
       Marko Grobelnik, JSI
       John Domingue, OU
       Dieter Fensel, University of Innsbruck
       Ksenia Hoschenko, University of Innsbruck
       Elena Simperl, University of Southampton
       Ioan Toma, University of Innsbruck
2) Agenda is approved
3) Events
      3.1 Summit [John] Agreed attendees will be:
            - 2 person per European partner [10]
            - 3 key notes
            - 2 executive
            - Jens Lehmann
     - 3-4 key selected people
            - UIBK needs to organize location.
      3.2 ESWC [Ioan]
            - Runs well in general but Decline of 20% on paper submissions,
actual decline of registrations, and embarrassingly little sponsorship.
            - Conferences in Greece attract in average 20% more papers [over the last 4 years]
            - Number of registrations is normal but only because it includes 40 1 day registrations.
            - Dieter send around list of sponsors of last ISWC
            - A senior of STI International must coach the sponsor chair and takes care at a personal level.
John, Elena and York. It is the responsibility of the steering committee of ESWC to ensure a proper selection of the sponsorship chair. Important that this person is senior – suggestion to have Miriam Fernandez of the OU in this role?
            - ESWC 2016 is again in Greece starting May 29 till June 2.
            - LREC nearly overlaps. We need to consider improving our planning for 2018.
            - ESWC 2017 will be held in Ghent, Belgium hosted by iMinds. Elena takes care in
cooperation with STI Research.
            - We only had one submission for hosting ESWC2017.
            - Model for ESWC 2016. STI Research is the legal responsible entity.
Dieter takes care for communication between the conference Chairs and STI Research. Budget must be approved by the executive Board of STI International and must include 30K for the Association.
            - Model for ESWC 2017: The local chair should be the legal entity, Elena takes care for the communication between the Chairs, STI International, and STI Research
            Budget must be approved by the Executive Board of STI International and must include (if not changed) 30K for the Association.
      3.3 EDF [Dieter]
            - EDF 2016 is in Luxembourg November 2016. Expecting around 700 participants.
            - EDF 2017 is in Eindhoven during June 2017. Expecting around 1000 participants.
      3.4 Summer school [Elena]
            - 5th edition in September 2015. Slow number of submissions but fine and stable in general.
STI International sponsors with 5K.
            - 2016-8 will be sponsored by a new MC project of Elena.
4. Organization [Ioan]
      4.1 Everything on track
      4.2 Finance
            - Budget 2016 was acknowledged.
            - Balance 2015 was acknowledged.
The financial situation of the associations looks with 50K plus quite good and some further growth is expected for 2015 and 2016. Then an extension of the planned spending can be taken into consideration. Should be discussed in May 2016.
      4.3 STI Research GmbH
            Restructuring will take place where some old owners may leave and the share of the association in the company will be significantly reduced. An extraordinary GA attached to the Summit will take this decision.
5. STI membership and partners [John]
       - 7 Partbers
       - 18 Members
       - STI should make more of all the events that it runs including ESWC, EDF and the Summer School.
We should disseminate/raise awareness for STI around our events as we do for our projects (e.g. use of twitter etc).
John takes responsible for this.
       - John will produce a flyer.
       - STI should buy an Onlim license to enable easy multi-channel communication
       - Amsterdam, Southampton, and Fraunhofer should be STI Partners.
       - List of potential members
       - List of members that would save money on the conference by being a member
       - John makes action plan by June 30.
6. Preparation GA
       No issue.
7. Closing


Event type: 
Board Meeting



Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

University of Innsbruck

University of Aberdeen

Won Kwang University


Universidad Politecnica

The Open University