STI International Board Meeting and General Assembly 2019

Monday, June 3, 2019
Grand Hotel Bernardin

STI International Board Meeting and General Assembly

Monday, Jun 3rd 2019
Portorož, Slovenia


The meeting will include a buffet lunch and STI Members are welcome to observe.

Board Agenda


10:30 Welcome (15 min) (including agreement on the agenda; actions from last meeting)

10:45 Events (1 hour) (including ESWC, Summit 2019, Summer School)

11:45 Organization (45 mins) (including admin and finances)

12:30 Buffet Lunch (30 mins)

13:00 STI Membership including Exec Board status and possible growth (30 mins)

13:30 Preparation for the GA (30 mins)

14:00 Closing (15 min)

14:15 Close


General Assembly Agenda


14:30 Welcome by President, Summary Progress Report and issues arising from the Board Meeting

14:40 Administrative and Budgetary Issues including voting on proposal of Exec Board

15:30 Closing by President

20:00 STI Board Dinner for STI Board, Conference Chairs, PC Chairs and Conference Keynotes

Location: Grand Hotel Bernardin, Obala 2, 6320 Portorož, Slovenia

Event type: 
Board Meeting
Event type: 
Board Meeting