STI International Board Meeting and General Assembly 2017

Sunday, May 28, 2017

STI International Board Meeting and General Assembly

Sunday, May 28th 2017
Portorož, Slovenia


The meeting will include a buffer lunch and STI Members are welcome to observe.

Board Agenda


10:30am Welcome (15 min) (including agreement on the agenda; actions from last meeting)

10:45am Events (1 hour) (including ESWC, Summit 2017, Future of Summer School)

11:45am Possible future initiatives (1 hour) (based on input from Prof. Han)

12:45pm Buffet Lunch (30 mins)

13:15pm Organization (45 mins) (including admin and finances)

14:30pm Coffee Break (15 mins)

14:45pm STI Structure including Exec Board, membership status and possible growth (30 mins)

15:15pm Preparation for the GA (30 mins)

15:45am Closing (15 min)

16:00pm Close


General Assembly Agenda


17:00PM Welcome by President, Summary Progress Report and issues arising from the Board Meeting

17:20PM Administrative/Budget Part including voting on proposal of Exec Board

17:45PM Closing by President


20:00PM STI Board Dinner for STI Board, Conference Chairs and PC Chairs

Location: To be confirmed

Event type: 
Board Meeting
Event type: 
Board Meeting


Won Kwang University

University of Aberdeen

Universidad Politecnica




Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

The Open University

University of Innsbruck