NoTube workshop "Future Television: integrating the social and semantic Web"

NoTube Workshop
Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The introduction of Internet capabilities and Web content integration to Television means much more than seeing Web pages on TV or having on screen widgets. Emerging Web trends such as social Web technologies and semantic Web technologies can both enable new and exciting types of service for the Television based on knowing the viewer and the content, and linking this to what the viewer does and who the viewer knows elsewhere on the Web. This workshop seeks to explore the possibilities and challenges inherent in the overlap of social, semantic and television technology, bringing together experts from all three areas to chart the route into this new generation of television experience. Our goal is to take the first steps in developing a common vision for social-semantic-Television, including:

  • how social Web, semantic Web and television technology can and could be integrated;
  • what types of new and innovative services could become possible on that basis;
  • where data is available and re-usable, and where data could be generated and re-used;
  • existing and needed specifications and standards;
  • which concrete steps need to be taken to achieve uptake of the technology in the TV industry.


University of Innsbruck



Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)


Won Kwang University

University of Aberdeen

Universidad Politecnica

The Open University