The 2015 STI2 Semantic Summit

STI2 Summit 2015
Monday, September 7, 2015 to Tuesday, September 8, 2015
Limenas Hersonissou, 70014 Heraklion, Crete
Aldemar Knossos Royal & Royal Villas 5*

The STI Semantic Summit is a bi-annual strategic event with limited attendance where key players within the Semantic Web and Linked Data community can come together to discuss medium and long term research issues. The Summits are designed to be intellectually, socially, and geographically stimulating and address a small number of open research questions and industrial challenges of strategic importance to STI and to the Semantic Technology Community.

For 2015 we will have a two day event limited to 40 places over September 7th and 8th in Southern Crete. With the exception of a small number of invited talks, sessions will be dominated by short presentations and in-depth discussions. The Summit will not be a conference nor a venue for the presentation of research results.

Senior researchers have the option to participate by submitting a short PDF containing the following information:
  • Title of the proposed presentation and discussion topic
  • Contributor name and short CV (at most one page)
  • Summary of the topic (at most one page)
Topics should contain a position statement of the submitter and stimulate discussion. The discussion topics and slides (the latter to be handed over at the event) will be published on the website.
Given the limited number of places acceptance will be decided by the organisers. Please send submissions to with the subject title "Summit 2015". 

Important Dates

  • May 4th, 2015 - submission deadline
  • May 11th, 2015 - notification

Keynote Speakers

Mark Greaves, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Short Bio:

Dr. Mark Greaves is currently Technical Director for Analytics in the National Security Directorate of the US's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. At PNNL, Mark provides scientific, programmatic, and business development leadership, focused on advancing and growing PNNL's capability in information analytics. He works with cutting-edge PNNL scientific teams from AI, analytics, machine learning, semantic and web computing, information visualization, and human-centered software systems to develop systems that dramatically accelerate the pace of discovery in data-intensive scientific and government applications. 


James Hodson, Bloomberg

Short Bio:

James Hodson is a researcher and entrepreneur in Artificial Intelligence, with emphasis on NLP and Knowledge Representation. He is the President of Global Consequences Inc., a company specializing in foundational AI for representing and learning about interactions in complex systems. He is one of the founders of AI for Good, a non-profit focused on building better, more transparent, more scientific, more reproducible, and more accessible research in AI, providing platforms and tools to support this vision, and advocating for more open discussion between researchers, practitioners, and the public at large. James is also a founding member of Financial Data Science, a social enterprise promoting better use of statistics in Finance, and sits on the advisory board of several Semantic, NLP, and FinTech companies around the world. Previously, James spent more than 5 years building and directing the AI Research Lab at Bloomberg LP, a 20+ person group comprising top researchers acros NLP, Optimization, Knowledge Representation, and more, as well as collaborations with CMU, Stanford, Columbia, JSI, UFSCar, Harvard, and La Sapienza. James holds degrees in Computer Science (Multi-lingual Natural Language Processing), Philosophy, and Translation from Princeton University.


Dealing with Multi-linguality for Better Knowledge

As text understanding pipelines mature through the advent of richer and deeper semantic representations, one of the largest unaddressed questions remains how to cope with the shifting dynamics of language, micro-languages, and more specifically, content that is not in English. This talk aims to explore the limitations of current approaches from translation to Latent Semantic Indexing, among others, and to propose interesting avenues for further exploration. This talk is based on research in collaboration with several EU FP7 funded projects, DFKI, and collaborations with CMU, Stanford, and Columbia University.

Marie Wallace, IBM

Short Bio:

Marie is currently an analytics strategist for IBM, having spent more than a decade in the research and development division building content, semantic and social analytics technologies which today underpin such solutions as IBM Watson. In recent years her primary focus has been on the analysis of people networks to deliver smarter, personalized and contextualized solutions for individuals and organizations. She is a globally recognized thought leader, with an active social media presence and popular blog,


The Semantics of the Human Network; Turning Chaos into Clarity

With the advent of social media and the rise of mobile as the platform of choice for end-user applications, people data is becoming the most valuable commodity in town where we now have an opportunity to capture human context, at a global level and as its happening, and generate insights that will completely transform the human digital experience. However, this assumes that we can effectively model and analyse this data. This is frequently not the case where we are faced with social silos that speak a completely different language both in terms of the APIs they expose and the semantics of the underlying network. If we want to truly leverage the data that is being laid down by these new generation of people-centric applications and services, then we need to address these interoperability issues, not least of all the semantics of human interaction. In this session, I will share real-world scenarios that require us to effectively leverage the human network and explore some of the challenges that face us today; challenges that I hope the semantic community can help address.


to appear


Conference Chairs

  • John Domingue, The Open University, United Kingdom, STI President
  • Jens Lehmann, The University of Leipzig


Aldemar Knossos Royal & Royal Villas 5*


Aldemar Knossos Royal & Royal Villas 5*


Please email if you wish to attend

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