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The 2011 STI Semantic Summit

STI Summit 2011
Wednesday, July 6, 2011 to Friday, July 8, 2011

Every two years STI International will hold a Semantic Summit organized by the STI Fellows for the STI Board and selected Junior STI members. STI Semantic Summits will be intellectually, socially, and geographically stimulating and will address a small number of open scientific and domain or industry challenges of strategic importance to STI and to the Semantic Technology Community. They will be forward looking and will attempt to better understand the challenges and to set directions for STI Members, STI, and the Semantic Technology Community.

The 2011 STI Semantic Summit, our inaugural event, is limited to 50 invitation-only participants. It will take place over 3 days starting at noon July 6, 2011 and end at noon July 8, 2011 and will consist of highly interactive sessions that will engage all participants. With the exception of a small number of invited talks, sessions will be dominated by short presentations and animated discussions. The Summit will not be a conference or a presentation of research results.

The STI Executive Board and the STI Fellows have initially selected the following themes:

  • Social Semantics
  • Linked Data: What Next? Or Future the Semantic Web
  • Processing Linked Data for Applications: Requirements and Scenarios
    • Strategic Future of LOD: making it work
    • Semantic Web and LOD applications
    • Services and semantics on mobile platforms
    • Linked data services and applications: E-Government, social networking, …
  • Computation, storage, and management aspects
    • Data management at scale: storage, search, inference, data integration, …
    • Reasoning / Problem Solving over LOD
    • Role of services and semantics in LOD applications
    • Semantics in Cloud Computing

Post Summit Papers

  • The Meaningful Use of Big Data: Four Perspectives – Four Challenges, Christian Bizer, Peter Boncz, Michael L. Brodie, Orri Erling, published in SIGMOD Record Web Edition, Volume 40, Number 4, December 2011.


The following tentative agenda will be modified based on the topics that emerge from the participant position papers. Session formats will consist of a mixture of short invited talks, participant statements from position papers, moderated discussions, and brilliant interjections all designed to actively engage all participants.

All talks are now available to watch on

Start Time Activity Presenter
Wednesday 06.July 2011  
13:00 Opening Session Chair: Fensel
  STI Summit Introduction John Domingue
  Fellows Summit Introduction Rudi, Mark, Michael
14:00 Managing Data @ Web Scale I Chair: Brodie
  Introduction: Managing Data @ Web Scale Michael Brodie
  Global Data Integration and Global Data Mining Chris Bizer
  DB vs RDF: structure vs correlation Peter Boncz
16:00 break  
16:30 Future of the Semantic Web Chair: Studer
  Ontologies and Linked Data Rudi Studer
  Application Challenges that may be amenable to Semantic technology solutions Dr. Jörg Wurzer
  Monetizing the Semantic Web Denny Vrandečić, Elena Simperl, Rudi Studer
18:15 NoTube John Domingue
18:35 break  
20:30 dinner  
Thursday 07.July 2011  
09:30 Social Semantics Chair: Greaves
  State-of-the-art: Crowd Sourcing Mark Greaves
  Diversity and the Semantic Web Denny Vrandečić, Elena Simperl, Rudi Studer
  Beyond Privacy  Andreas Harth
  Shortipedia  Denny Vrandečić
11:10 break  
11:40 Linked Data in Domains Chair: Greaves
  Introduction: Making Linked Data Work  John Domingue
  Linked Data and Life Sciences  Ismael Navas-Delgado, Maria del Mar Roldán-García, José F. Aldana-Montes
  Visual Analyses on Linked Data – An Opportunity for both Fields  Michael Granitzer, Vedran Sabol, Wolfgang Kienreich, Dickson Lukose, Kow Weng Onn
13:10 lunch  
14:00 Managing Data @ Web Scale II Chair: Brodie
  RDF For the Data Driven Age  Orri Erling
  The Grand Challenge For Semantic Technologies: Planet Scale Information Integration  Valentin Zacharias
  Integrating Data at Scale  Michael Brodie
15:45 break  
16:15  Making Linked Data Work I Chair: Studer
  Services Over Linked Data (TBD)  Carlos Pedrinaci & Maria Maleshkova
  Linked Data Principles for Services and Streams  Andreas Harth
  Planet Data  Elena Simperl
18:00 The Story So Far I Chair: Fellows
  Summarizing: Conclusions, Challenges, What we missed, … Dieter Fensel
18:30 break  
20:30 dinner  
Friday 08.July 2011  
09:30 Making Linked Data Work II Chair: Studer
  The Next Generation of Ontology Development – Usage-based Ontology Engineering  Markus Luczak-Rösch
  Towards a Dynamic Web  Rüdiger Klein
10:20 The Story So Far II Chair: Fellows
  Summarizing: Conclusions, Challenges, What we missed, … Open to all
12:00 break  
12:15 2011 STI Semantic Summit Closing Chair: Fensel
  What We Learned  Rudi, Mark, Michael
  STI Summit Summary John Domingue
13:15 lunch  

Tour of Riga
This tour is optional and costs 30 € per person
includes a boat trip and walk (max. 2-3 hours) 

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Guidance for Presenters

The 2011 STI Semantic Summit will be a small forum on strategic and advanced research and industry issues, opportunities, and challenges at the intersection of the Semantic Technologies, Semantic Web, and Database communities. Rather than a conference or workshop focusing on the presentation of research and industrial results, the Summit will be a forum of less than 25 experts in the relevantdomains focusing on the discussion by all participants on open issues, promising (or otherwise) directions on some of the major topics of our new Digital Universe – Big Data, the Web, Services, the Cloud, and the Future Internet.

Your presentation will be wildly successful if you state your issues, challenges, opportunities and premises:

  • Clearly so as to be understood by all participants from multiple communities, without preaching to the choir
  • Provocatively so as to meaningfully (andamusingly) engage All participants, and
  • Briefly so that discussion dominates presentation.

Also consider

  • Motivate your presentation with realistic use cases or requirements
  • Fitting your remarks to your session
  • Engaging participants from different communities (Database, Semantic Web, Semantic Technologies) who may have different assumptions
  • Engaging contrary ideas and views versus dogmatic or pejorative stances that in the past have stymied progress on augmenting Big Data with meaning, an increasingly urgent challenge full of opportunities
  • Having impact beyond the Summit so that in 2015 peoplemight say "Back at the 2011 Riga Summit you …"

We welcome

  • Strategic perspectives
  • Grand challenges
  • Application potential for semantic technologies
  • Semantic technology trends
  • Significant challenges of a pragmatic, practical nature
  • Topics for a 5 year research and development agenda
  • State-of-the-art: Where we are, key issues and challenges



Conference Chair

  • John Domingue, The Open University, United Kingdom, STI President

STI Fellows

  • Michael L. Brodie, Verizon Communications, USA
  • Mark Greaves, Vulcan Inc., USA
  • Jim Hendler, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA

STI Board


All registrations have to be send to by May 2, 2011.


  • STI Board Members – free
  • Others - €250




Booking Information

Following room rates are available for the STI International Summit 2011, and include buffet breakfast, value added tax, free access to fitness center, sauna and pool, as well as parking.

  • Standard Single room: EUR 70.00/per room/per night
  • Standard Double room: EUR 80.00/per room/per night
  • Business Class room: EUR 115.00/per room/per night

To book a room, please fill in the booking form and send it not later than June 22, 2011 to


Radisson BLU Daugava Hotel 

24 Kugu str., Riga, Latvia,
LV - 1007, Latvia

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Information on the Position Paper Process and on the rules for attending the summit

However, the themes and Summit Program will emerge from submitted position papers. Each participant must submit at least one of the following types of one-page position paper on one of the above themes or on a theme about which the submitter is passionate by April 15, 2011. An example position paper from Michael Brodie, Mark Greaves, and Jim Hendler can be found here.

  • Research: open challenges, future directions
  • Application/Industry/Domain: application challenges that may be amenable to semantic technology solutions
  • Summit: What I want from this Summit

A significant feature of the Summit is that a few seats are reserved for bright junior PhD candidates or post-docs of STI Partners who will be invited to participate based on their energy, bright ideas, and hard work reflected in their submitted position papers.

More specifically, the following rules apply in respect to attending the Summit:

  1. All members of the Board  may attend the Summit.
  2. If the representative of a Partner (who will be a member of the Board) can not attend the Summit the representative can be substituted with a suitable deputy.
  3. The organising committee  of the Summit may invite a number of experts to cover niche research fields or a specific commercial, policy or social sector.
  4. Each Summit participant, except for invited experts, must submit at least one of the following types of one-page position paper on one of the above themes or on a theme about which the submitter is passionate by April 15, 2011. Multiple authored submissions can only support one participant.
    • Research: open challenges, future directions
    • Application/Industry/Domain: application challenges that may be amenable to semantic technology solutions
    • Summit: What I want from this Summit 
  5. A number of STI Members including PhD students and Post Docs will be invited based upon a submitted position paper on one of the above themes. Attendees accepted through this route will be expected to contribute to recording the event and also in generating follow-up articles.


Event type: 


The Open University



Universidad Politecnica

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

Won Kwang University

University of Aberdeen

University of Innsbruck