Won Kwang University

Ik San
South Korea

The Semantic Web Services Lab (SWSL) at Wonkwang University consists of many talented researchers who have extensive knowledge in the areas of ontology, web services, Semantic Web and Semantic Web Services. The mission of SWSL is to actively promote and contribute to the industrial advancement of semantic technologies in Korea. With a team management of 4 professors, the SWSL at Wonkwang University is acknowledged as a major player in the field of Semantic Web Services within Korea, as well as, throughout Asia.

The goal of the SWSL is to envisage semantic technologies based on ontology in the diverse application fields under ubiquitous global network environments. The SWSL manages many national research projects and collaborates with international academic and industrial institutions. The research lab established the research exchange program in 2005 with the University of Innsbruck, Austria, and hosted the organization of the Asian Semantic Web Conference ASWC 2006/2007 and the International Semantic Web Conference ISWC2007. Through participation in SUPER, and in close collaboration with the European research institutes, the SWSL plays a key role in developing, disseminating and exploiting leading-edge technologies focused on Semantic Web and Semantic Web services, and facilitates the forging of industrial relationships within Korea and European countries.The SWSL with Saltlux Co., a well-known leading company specialized in ontology and Semantic Web technologies in Korea will make its best endeavors to realize STI2’s vision for Semantic Web and Semantic Web Services.


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