Conceptual Models for Services Working Group (CMS WG)

Logo of CMS WG

The mission of the Conceptual Models for Services Working Group (CMS WG) is to continue the efforts of the WSMO working group in two ways. Firstly, the group will maintain WSMO adding updates as appropriate to fulfil requests from Semantic Web Service researchers and practitioners. Secondly, building on WSMO we will create a number of new generic ontologies including:

  • WSMO-Lite - a lightweight ontology which uses RDFS as the description language and defines mechanisms to annotate WSDL descriptions using SAWSDL.
  • MicroWSMO - an annotation mechanism for RESTful services.
  • Semantic Annotations of Processes - an ontology for describing processes which are implemented as Web services.



University of Aberdeen

Won Kwang University


University of Innsbruck

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)


Universidad Politecnica


The Open University