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STI International Alumni

Prof. Grigoris Antoniou

Grigoris Antoniou is Professor of Semantic and Knowledge Technologies at the University of Huddersfield. His main research interests are knowledge representation and reasoning, semantic web technologies and their applications in various domains. He has published over 200 papers and three books, including "A Semantic Web Primer" by MIT Press, now in its 3rd edition. He participates in a number of European projects, including the PlanetData Network of Excellence, PRELIDA Coordination Action and SemData International Research Exchange. He has been Program Committee and Conference Chair of ESWC 2010 and ESWC 2011, respectively. He is an ECCAI Fellow since 2006. 

Dr. Michael Brodie

Dr. Michael L. Brodie has served as Chief Scientist of a Fortune 20 company, an Advisory Board member of leading national and international research organizations, and an invited speaker and lecturer. In his role as Chief Scientist Dr. Brodie has researched and analyzed challenges and opportunities in advanced technology, architecture, and methodologies for Information Technology strategies. He has guided advanced deployments of emergent technologies at industrial scale, most recently Cloud Computing and Big Data. In his Advisory Board roles Dr. Brodie addresses current and emergent strategic challenges and opportunities that are central to the charter and success of the organizations. As an invited speaker Dr. Brodie has presented compelling visions, challenges, and strategies for our emerging Digital Universe in over 100 keynote speeches in over 30 countries and in over 100 books and articles.

Throughout his career Dr. Brodie has been active in both advanced, academic research and large-scale industrial practice attempting to obtain mutual benefits from the industrial deployment of innovative technologies while helping research to understand industrial requirements and constraints. He has contributed to multi-disciplinary problem solving at scale in contexts such as Terrorism and Individual Privacy, and Information Technology Challenges in Healthcare Reform.

Dr. Brodie holds a Doctor of Science (honoris causa) from the National University of Ireland and a PhD in Databases from the University of Toronto. 
He is concerned with the Big Picture including business, economic, social, application, and technical aspects of information ecosystems, core technologies, and integration.

Dr. John Davies

Dr. John Davies is Chief Scientist in BT‘s ICT Research Practice. He was involved in the creation of STI International and served as Vice-President, Realisation for 3 years. His interests include the application of semantic technologies to smart cities, business intelligence, information integration, service-oriented environments and knowledge management. He has written and edited many papers and books in these areas. He was Project Coordinator of the SEKT and ACTIVE European FP integrated research projects and currently runs a number of nationally-funded semantic technology projects. He founded and chaired of the European Semantic Technology Conference series and he has served on the program committees of many conferences in related areas and was co-founder of the ESWC conference series. He is a Fellow of the British Computer Society and a Chartered Engineer.

Alexander Wahler

Alexander Wahler is co-founder and CEO of seekda. Seekda offers innovative Software applications of a new generation. Based upon recent research results from the World Wide Web seekda is developing high-end industry booking solutions for e-Tourism. In seekda he is in charge of strategic planning, internationalization and R&D.

He has been an entrepreneur in the IT sector for more than ten years; Alexander has been CEO and Treasurer of STI International from June 2007 till May 2012. He has co-founded and organized a number of successful scientific and industrial conferences in the area of semantic technologies (e.g. European Semantic Technology Conference, Future Internet Symposium, STI Summit) and was involved in a couple of research projects (e.g. FP7 Projects Service Web 3.0 or notube).

Alexander Wahler has graduated in electrical engineering at the University of Technology Vienna, where he has been developing a tourism platform as an academic assistant.

Prof. Hannes Werthner

Hannes Werthner is Professor for e-commerce at the Vienna University of Technology, before that he was Professor for Information Systems at the University of Innsbruck; Professor for Information Systems at the Vienna University of Economics; and Professor for Computer Science and e-commerce at the University of Trento. Currently he is also the Director of the Vienna PhD School of Informatics as well as the i2c (Informatics Innovation Center) at the Vienna University of Technology. He was member of the ISTAG strategic advisory board for the European research program IST in FP5, and is on the editorial board of several journals. For his work in the field of e-tourism IFITT (International Federation for IT and Tourism) awards the yearly "Hannes Werthner Tourism and Technology Lifetime Achievement Award" to an individual from academia, industry or government who has made significant contributions to the advancement of the e-tourism field. 

Hannes Werthner holds a Master and Ph.D. from the Vienna University of Technology. He studied Computer Science at the Technical University of Vienna, was visiting professor at several universities, and was a fellow from the Austrian Schrödinger foundation. His research activities cover - besides semantic web - a wide range from e-commerce and e-tourism, Internet-based Information systems, Service engineering, Recommender systems and Web science. 

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