Be Informed is an independent software supplier that specialises in solutions for complex and knowledge-intensive processes. By providing the right knowledge in a direct and context-specific way, organisations can improve the interaction with their customers, staff and partners. They can also streamline their working processes and make significant gains in efficiency.

Broad client base and market-leading partners

Be Informed has built up a broad client base within the governmental and business sectors in just a short time. Customers include the Tax Authority, the Ministry of Justice (including the IND), VROM (the Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment), Centraal Beheer Achmea, Salland Verzekeringen and Interpolis (all insurance). Be Informed is working with some of the leading market partners such as Accenture, Ordina, Oracle, Autonomy and the University of Amsterdam.

The background to the development of Be Informed is the observation that society is becoming increasingly knowledge-intensive. Routine processes are outsourced to countries where labour is cheap, or completely computerised. What remains are the knowledge-intensive processes. The Be Informed product Suite has been developed to support these complex and knowledge-intensive processes.

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